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Personal Emergency Response System

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are another form of safety that should always be considered.  A "PERS" is a system that can be set up very inexpensively in a senior's home.  This is not just for "sick" people; these systems keep well people well.  The senior wears a pendant around their neck, or a watch style pendant, and has the system with them at all times inside and outside of the house.  If they suffer a fall, stroke, illness, or any other event where they feel they might need assistance, all they have to do is access their system with the touch of a button.


  • A study by AC Nielson indicates among other things that seniors who have a PERS stay at home an average of 6 years longer than those who do not have a PERS.  Also, most PERS have smoke detector options, keeping the home safe and protected from fire devastation.

  • 58% of customers who have had a PERS for a year or more feel that their quality of life has improved.

  • 87% of customers with a PERS think that this protection is important or a main factor in their decision to continue living at home.

  • 95% of customers with a PERS feel protected at home.

  • 80% feel that the comfort of living in their own home is important.

  • 76% feel that being independent is important.

  • In a study of older adults, those living with a PERS reported significantly greater ability to go about their daily routine and were 10 times less likely to require admission to a nursing home.

​Safety in the Home

  • Medical research shows that falling down and being unable to get help is not an uncommon event.  In fact, nearly 1/3 of all people over the age of 65 (and half of all people over 90) will fall each year.  Of course, the older a senior gets, the more dangerous and debilitating falls can be, and they often mark the end of independent living.

  • Research also tells us that 30% to 50% of elderly people fear falling - a fear that can cause them to lose confidence and restrict their normal range of healthy activities.  The confidence and peace-of-mind that comes from a PERS helps to ease these anxieties, as well as the feelings of isolation and depression caused by such worries.

Facts about Personal Emergency Response Systems

  • PERS are recommended by doctors, nurses and other professional caregivers.  They know even a minor fall or incident can have serious physical and psychological consequences if a senior cannot get help in a hurry.

  • A PERS is for independent living at home.  The alternative to getting a PERS is often assisted living, a nursing home, or 24-hour care.

  • A PERS is a good idea even if a senior does not live alone.  Accidents are unpredictable; a senior might need help when someone they live with is temporarily out of the house.

  • A PERS is easy to live with.  The personal help button is very small, simple to use and will not interfere with a senior's activities in any way.

  • A PERS is for everyday living.  A PERS telephone also includes many other features that makes conversing with others more convenient, and can provide personalized reminders of important things to do.

We have negotiated a special pricing program:

$27.95 monthly - Landline Service

$29.95 monthly - Cellular Service

All equipment included (No upfront cost)

Direct Contact: Jacky Farfan

(925) 677-1459 or (877) 522-9633 ext. 1459

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