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"Our Customers are the Heartbeat      of our Business!"
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"I had to pay $104 taken out of my check every month, but when I met Mr. Kevin, he worked on it and they gave me my money back that they had taken out on me, and I thank it was just a blessing for it and I am still working with him and I'll tell ANYBODY, Mr. Kevin can help you!"


Gwen Evans

Kevin Brewer has been helping my parents (and lately my mom) with picking just the RIGHT PLAN for their complicated health insurance needs. As complicated and tricky as it is for people like my parents, with a billion issues and health needs, he’s been my savior in getting them just to the right plan. And now, with my recent mess up (I forgot to renew mom’s status and social security started reducing her checks) - Kevin came to the rescue and re-instated her and got her paid back." 


"If you have any senior citizens who struggle in picking the right health (and other) insurance to cover their bills, medications, hospitals, visits, etc. - Kevin and his company will be awesome for them." 



Jimmy Grinzaid

"I just like their service, better than any insurance I ever had. They look after you and I would recommend anybody to them...Kevin Brewer is a real nice man."                   


Tony Perez

I was very impressed with the professionalism, thoroughness, and great customer services that was exemplified by both Kevin and Gina Brewer. I had limited knowledge about the various insurance plans being offered through Medicare, Kevin and Gina were able to investigate and compare the various plans to determine which plan would provide the best coverage for the type of care I needed. They provided the various plans in such a way that I could make a comparison and see the best plan. I was so blessed by their knowledge and expertise in helping me get the best possible plan. I have been very satisfied with my health coverage. 

Mollie James

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